Search Engine Optimization Over Search Engine Marketing

I decided to take up that challenge. Jaipi, you showed me yours, now I am showing you mine! The life of an online writer is not all fun and merriment as some are led to believe. We work hard, sometimes far into the night. Guess what? We don’t get time and a half after 8 hours of work either.

I am sure that if you are a first timer and are on a budget you have looked at the “Build It Yourself” template websites that SEEM to cost about as much as steak dinner for one. But not really.

To have success with ClickBank, you need your own website. Even though you can get started without a website, it’s in your best interest to have one. If you want to do something such as a product review, you can’t do it if you don’t have you own website. Also, article directories won’t allow you to directly link to an affiliate product anymore so you need your own website for this also.

Gee, when I wrote for the newspaper, all I had to do was write the article and send it in. The publisher worried about selling his newspapers. Same thing with the magazine! So I guess you can add marketing to my list of duties!

Remember this: better ranking, may increase your website traffic in several hundred percent. This is how things work, in a world, dominated by search engines, crawlers and robots.

So many times I am approached by people who are looking for the simple and easy posicionamient web girona magic bullet that will get them straight to the first page of Google. Well this magic bullet doesn’t exist. Google and the other major search engine have spent years perfecting their algorithms to weed out spam and other black hat SEO techniques. What you are left with is good, quality, content-rich, websites at the top of just about every search query.

To view meta tag information on a current site simply right click on any page of the site and select “view page source” from the drop down menu. At the very top of the page source you should have three very important “tags”: Title, Description, and Keywords. These meta tags provide search engines the information they need to correctly categorize your site. Every page should have it’s own unique set of meta tags.

In comparison, look for a professional firm that delivers a brand new midsized sedan at the cost of sub-compact, with all the above features included. And make sure it can be added on to easily piece by piece as your organization grows until finally you have a Lamborghini. Did I mention that all you should have to do is just get in and turn the key? That would be nice wouldn’t it?