Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Professional Charcoal Drawing Out Of Any Photo

Like most everything in Photoshop, there are so many different ways to create a black and white image from a color negative. And most of them work pretty well.

Now, what is there that you can do to avoid blurred photographs when the wind is blowing? Set your camera to a smaller f-stop. Then, increase the ISO to photograph the surrounding landscape. Also, use the slow shutter speed when capturing the waterfall itself.

But it must be noted that only a professional has the power to understand and use the right Photoshop masking tools with the color match. An outsourcing firm uses the best and advanced designers for doing these complex jobs. It is an ideal way to combine the real and the digital world in images. They are able to even occasionally use the faux mask layer to sharpen the picture in a particular spot. This is one of the most advanced Photoshop elements. When this advanced feature is deployed it does not require a third party plug-in. Most advanced version of Photoshop software has it. The benefits of masking are plenty for many businesses where images play a big role in bringing profits.

You will find that there is still some of the background remaining with the newly added photo. To remove this, you need to use the Data Masking Tool. You can find it in the layers tool box. Select a brush and adjust the size accordingly.

Instead, we want to use the existing color information to create new tonal relationships within the image that are to our liking. Here is where channels come in.

Bear this in mind; the slower the flow of the water, the slower you ought to set your shutter speed. You can also opt for the lowest ISO setting available, and use a high f-number.

Step 9) Go back to the original paper layer and will it in with a new pattern by going to New Fill Layer>Pattern. Choose any one you like and then change the blending mode to multiply or overlay. Multiply tends to work better on most images.