Install A Hdtv Home Theater In No Time

A well thought out home theater installation can provide homeowners with a state-of-the-art movie-going experience in the comfort of their own living room. While there are many different types of setups available, it’s important to note that any system is only as good as the design and location. If you are about to engage in your own DIY home theater installation, this guide will help you get the most out of your system.

You would need a good hammer, a set of nails and screws, a screw driver, a spirit level and some good workman’s gloves. If you are also going to install a wall mounted LCD or plasma screen, then you would need a compatible wall mounting system. So that is about the tools needed for your high end audio.

Have you selected the room which is going to house your home theater? For the choice of room, light plays a very important role. A theater has to be inevitably dark, so you can opt for the room where natural daylight is minimal. The walls should be in a soothing & somewhat darker color; avoid white and creamy shades. The TV installation should be such that it in front of window and not facing it to avoid reflection off the screen. Its height should also be adjusted to be in your line of sight while sitting and enjoying watching your favorite shows.

The comfort level of seating can be measured by testing whether it can support your body from head to toe, the wideness of armrest, extended footrest, firmness and also flexibility of the seating, the comfort of foam cushion, and many more.

Just for starters your going to need a projector and that’s going to be the most expensive part. Look on e-bay or criagslist for a good used one, people are always upgrading and are will to let their old one, which usually isn’t that old, go for cheap. A real good quality projector can be bought for a couple of hundred bucks if you look around or follow the auctions.

There are many budgets for remodeling work, but for under $500 the ball could get rolling in the right direction for a partial room “makeover”. If money is not a problem (and the husband’s man stuff is starting to annoy you) then an spare room or basement could be converted for a few thousand dollar into a Man Cave paradise.

Before thinking about building a home theater, make sure you are going to be able to dedicate a space large enough to justify having it. The basement is always a good spot, especially if it’s not finished off yet.

With thoughtful planning of your theater room, coupled with thorough research on your installation company, it won’t be long before you’re enjoying a fantastic cinematic experience without even leaving the driveway!