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When you have a cat in your home, you typically feed them just cat food or kitten food accordingly. However, we often find it fun to treat our cats, or see them getting into our other pets’ foods without even thinking about it. Learn the foods you should keep your cat from and why. You may be surprised.

Get your cat their shots. Diseases that cats often get are fatal, like upper respiratory disease and and feline leukemia. Since cats often wander all over, they have a great chance of catching illness from fellow cats or wild cats. Keep your cat always updated on shots to prevent undue illness that is easily fatal.

“We start with 100% pure Norwegian Tikki Duo Olie which is strictly monitored to ensure the absence of heavy metals, peroxides and toxic chemicals.” The other two companies made similar statements. The lawsuit wants the companies to cease selling these products.

George’s Aloe Vera is a great detox and wonderful for cats because there is no taste to it. You can add it to her water. It is available at your local health food store. Sodium Ascorbate Crystals is an antioxidant that all cats should be on. It is Vitamin C and helps boosts the immune system as well as keeping the kitty cleaned out. It is also available at your health food store.

My kids love that dairy-based, chocolate breakfast shake that has something like 80 percent of all the vitamins in it that they need for the day. They think that they are getting dessert Salmon Oil for puppies breakfast – and really pulling one over on Mom – every time I let them have it. So when most mornings turned into shake mornings, they were thrilled and chugged that stuff like I might figure out what I had done if they let it sit around too long.

I’ve had some trouble in this area, and I’ve found some things that work. My little Bugsy seems to be allergic to about as much as I am. She might be a foster cat, but she’s become more my cat than a foster! She started having terrible diarrhea and had to go on special food. It turns out she is allergic to grains in her food. She won’t eat meat so far, but I keep trying to tempt her.

Many conditions are linked to diet. If hairballs are a problem, add some salmon oil to her food before you cut her hair off! There are several preparations specifically for vomiting and hairballs widely available. If your cat is prone to urinary tract infections and blockages, you might have to run to the vet every time there is a problem. Magnesium is linked to urinary troubles. Instead of taking drastic steps or giving up on your cat, try a change in diet to see what happens. If nothing changes, at least you have given her a good nutritional foundation so that your next steps with her will be more effective.