Success Methods – Time Saving Tips

I went merrily on my way purchasing canned cat food and fed my two cats. One became very ill and in attempting to do the absolute best for its well being, I began asking around, searching on the web, asking homeopathic friends for information. I was made aware of the controversy regarding canned cat food vs. homemade cat food.

Use standardized forms and procedures — Once you (or someone else) have uncovered the secrets for a certain kind of task you can set up a “cheat sheet.” This is a form or set of instructions that shows you how to do that same task in the future. It should include all the insights and shortcuts that have been discovered. This would also apply to any company or Call in show activities or reports that must be done in a certain way.

Ironically when first lady Nancy Reagan was saying “Just say no to drugs.” the CIA and Barry Seal were bringing them in from Medellin, Colombia. The agency used the cocaine money once sold in the USA to buy and bring arms to the contras to Nicaragua. Oliver North was heavily involved in the fiasco.

Please join me in voicing your disapproval to these actions of our elected leaders. The Constitution has set into place a method to extract these leaders from theirr positions and we MUST act on these rights! We must stand together as a people and PETITION the government ASSEMBLE to show our presence and use our FREEDOM OF SPEECH to Governmental Corruption voice our thoughts.

Romans 13:1 AMP LET EVERY person be loyally subject to the governing (civil) authorities. For there is no authority except from God [by His permission, His sanction], and those that exist do so by God’s appointment.

Apparently the people of Zimbabwe believe that by giving a child a name that commemorates some event or character trait it will ensure good fortune in that area. In some other cases, it’s just some person or thing that impresses or pleases them. I first encountered this strange practice before I even arrived in Harare, the capitol. Waiting for my flight the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, I got into a conversation with a lady on her way back to Harare from a visit to relatives in England. In the course of talking, she mentioned the strange naming practices. As an example, she mentioned that after Zimbabwean Kirsty Coventry won three Olympic medals for swimming, her gardener named three of his children Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, and Three Medals.

With Barry Seal and the CIA working the drug trade, they found in the deep south some compliant and cooperative governors. Hence the list of later Presidents elected from the south.

Although the “be rong, bea chi” is set up for the people of China, will the Chinese government try to enforce this on the visitors and participants? Probably not. However, don’t be too surprised if they try to leave a lasting impression on the World through the summer Games about the value of their socialist values.