Finding Inspiration From The Band Big Toe

It’s been a busy post processing week, going from out of the camera photo to creating art. The problem I had was in the naming. Every piece I create I give a name and sometimes that name is hard to come by. In a name, there are times when it’s obvious and then there are times when I have to wait for the name to tell me it’s true nature. So I’ve been waiting around for name inspiration.

Dreaming/meditating. Meditating is a good way of opening your mind and allowing ideas to come more naturally. It clears your thoughts and lets you focus more easily, meaning better and more creative ideas will come to you. Try lighting a candle, turn all the lights out in a room, sit cross legged on the floor, or whichever way is most comfortable for you, then just look at the flame.

If what you want to achieve is important to you and you don’t feel motivated, just do it anyway without feeling motivated! Make the decision to do it. Yes this might take an act of will, discipline and determination. Yes it might be unpleasant, require a commitment and you might even have to give up something else. Yet you do it because you know the end result, your goal and that is more important than whether you feel motivated or not. The problem is that most people focus on what they have to give up rather than focussing on the long term gain.

Creativity and New content every week can be compared to a fire. It takes but one spark to start a fire, and once the fire is started it could in theory keep burning for a long time after. (provided there’s enough fuel etc).

Most of the people that join a home based business group are motivated to join because of the guru or salesman telling them about the new lifestyle and the big money they can earn. The problem is that motivation does not last. It is not enough or a good enough motivating factor to keep that individual slogging and working hard every day.

Remember if the brain’s error code and therefore its alarm system get activated by making a change, this does not mean the change is wrong or you are in danger.

Also, write down your goals and everything you need to do in order to achieve it in a journal. Read it often to not lose track of your ultimate destination. Create your own inspiration and stick to it all the time to transcend all possible boundaries brought up by the fear of failure.