Distressed Kitchen Cabinets – Do It Yourself

Before beginning any cabinet refacing project you will need to make sure you have a few vital supplies and tools. Once you get these supplies your job will become far easier. However, before you go to the hardware store to make sure you have the appropriate tools, you will need to make sure that you have the time to start kitchen cabinet refacing.

Will a cabinet refacing job just postpone the inevitable? Certain things can only undergo so many repairs and overhauls before being laid to rest. In the case of your kitchen cabinets, a refacing project can extend their life significantly. New cabinets may be an option further on down the road, but refacing will provide the improved look and texture without setting you back the great expense. The only requirement is that the interior of the Kitchen Remodel Atlanta, GA is in good condition.

The most obvious parts of a cabinet remodel job when it is completed are the doors and drawer fronts. Yet, it is easy to make mistakes in installing them. The hinges must be put on the cabinet door in the correct positions or the door will not hang right. The same is true when hanging the doors on the cabinet frames.

Home improvement tasks can be ‘improved’ by the use of the correct tools. Using the proper tools makes your job easier, safer and quicker. Knowing how to properly use the tools is important too.

This next one may seem trivial, but I’ll introduce it anyway. Ceiling designs. They’re not that important. However, ceiling designing can add its own touch of beauty to your cabinet remodelling. Just make sure it goes along (and well) with your wall design.

Overlaying: Instead of removing bricks, it may be easier to just cover the old with the new. This may sound like cheating, but it may cost a lot less, which is good if you are working with a limited amount of both money and time.

Make a detailed plan for the project you want to do. Include the different timelines as well as any plumbing that will need to be done. This will help you see what’s possible to do on your own, and what you’ll need a professional plumber to do. The time line is a great way to see what needs to be done, the way it will be done, and who will do it.

Some people will tell you that you could spend $2000 and others can tell you that a small 12×15 kitchen will cost $9000. I have come across some people who have told me that they spent something like $25000. My argument here is that it’s more like remodeling the kitchen.